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The 7 Most Expensive Fishing Reels in the World

Welcome, fishing enthusiasts and gear collectors! Are you ready to delve into the fascinating world of high-end fishing reels? In this article, we’ll unveil the most expensive fishing and spinning reels on the market. These engineering masterpieces boast not only unrivaled performance and precision but also offer premium features that justify their price tags. As we cast our line into the depths of luxury angling equipment, you’ll discover why these reels are the pinnacle of their class and coveted by both professional and amateur anglers alike. So, let’s reel in the excitement and uncover the finest fishing gear money can buy!

Top 7 Most Expensive Fishing Reels

7. Daiwa Saltiga

Daiwa Saltiga
Price Range: $950 to $1050

The Daiwa Saltiga spinning reel is a true marvel of craftsmanship and engineering, making it a sought-after piece of equipment among fishing enthusiasts. With its impressive durability and smoothness, the Saltiga is designed to handle the toughest saltwater conditions while offering superior performance. Its Magsealed ball bearings, innovative Zaion monocoque body, and G1 Duralumin drive gear make it a lightweight and strong reel, ensuring that you’ll be prepared for even the most challenging catches.

As one of the most expensive spinning reels on the market, the Daiwa Saltiga is an investment that pays off with its exceptional quality and reliability. If you’re an angler who appreciates top-of-the-line gear and is ready to elevate your fishing experience, the Daiwa Saltiga is a reel worth considering.

6. Tibor Signature 7-8 Fly Reel

Tibor Signature 7 8 Fly Reel
Price Range: $750 to $900

The Tibor Signature 7-8 Fly Reel is another premium option for those who appreciate high-quality fishing gear. With its fully sealed drag system and intricate, customizable design, this reel is not only visually stunning but also built to withstand harsh saltwater environments.

Manufactured by Tibor Reel Corporation, a company renowned for its precision engineering and quality craftsmanship, the Signature 7-8 Fly Reel is crafted from solid aluminum bar stock, making it both lightweight and incredibly strong. The reel’s patent-pending sealed drag system ensures smooth, consistent drag pressure while protecting the inner components from sand, debris, and saltwater intrusion.

The Tibor Signature 7-8 Fly Reel also offers a unique level of personalization with its vast array of custom color and engraving options, ensuring that your reel will truly stand out on your fishing expeditions. If you’re a fly angler looking for a reel that combines performance, durability, and elegance, the Tibor Signature 7-8 Fly Reel is a fantastic choice.

5. Shimano Stella

Price Range: $700 to $1120

When it comes to luxury fishing reels, the Shimano Stella series stands out as a true gem. Designed for both freshwater and saltwater anglers, the Stella offers unparalleled smoothness and strength that make it a favorite among professional and serious recreational fishermen.

The Shimano Stella features a range of advanced technologies such as the MicroModule II gearing system, X-Protect water resistance, and SilentDrive system, ensuring exceptional performance and durability. Built with precision engineering and high-quality materials, the reel’s lightweight construction, coupled with its impressive drag capabilities and smooth line retrieval, makes it a pleasure to use.

While the Shimano Stella comes with a hefty price tag, its outstanding performance, reliability, and long-lasting durability make it a worthwhile investment for those who seek the finest fishing reels on the market. Whether you’re casting into freshwater lakes or battling powerful saltwater species, the Shimano Stella is a reel that can handle it all with grace and style.

4. Daiwa Exist

Price Range: $1000 to $1300

The Daiwa Exist is a top-of-the-line spinning reel that combines cutting-edge technology and sophisticated design, making it a favorite among passionate anglers. As one of the most expensive spinning reels on the market, the Daiwa Exist offers an unparalleled level of performance, durability, and style.

Designed with premium materials and precision engineering, the Exist features the innovative Monocoque body, a lightweight yet rigid magnesium construction that increases the reel’s strength and stability. The reel also incorporates Daiwa’s signature Magsealed technology, which protects the internal components from water and debris, ensuring smooth operation and a longer lifespan.

The Daiwa Exist offers a smooth and powerful drag system, using the ATD (Automatic Tournament Drag) technology that provides consistent pressure during long and intense battles with fish. Its 12-bearing system ensures smooth and silent line retrieval, allowing for an enjoyable fishing experience.

For those who value top-tier quality and performance in their fishing gear, the Daiwa Exist is a reel that not only lives up to its reputation but also delivers an outstanding angling experience. Investing in the Daiwa Exist is a surefire way to elevate your fishing game and indulge in the luxury of high-end spinning reels.

3. Shimano Tiagra 130A

Price Range: $1200 to $1500

For anglers who target large game fish species, the Shimano Tiagra 130A Game Fishing Reel is a premium choice that offers power, reliability, and performance. Engineered to handle the most demanding offshore battles, this high-end reel is designed for big-game fishing and is widely praised for its smooth operation and unparalleled durability.

The Tiagra 130A features a two-speed lever drag system that allows anglers to easily switch between high and low gear ratios, providing flexibility and control during intense fights with large fish. Built with a one-piece machined aluminum frame and a cold-forged aluminum spool, this reel offers strength and rigidity, ensuring that it can withstand heavy loads and extreme saltwater conditions.

With its superior drag system, smooth line retrieval, and impressive line capacity, the Shimano Tiagra 130A Game Fishing Reel has earned its place among the most expensive fishing reels on the market. If you’re a big game angler seeking a top-quality reel that can handle the challenges of the open ocean, the Tiagra 130A is well worth the investment.

2. Abel Super Mag 7/8/9

Price Range: $1300 to $2000

The Abel Super Mag 7/8/9 is an exquisite, high-performance fly reel that is highly sought-after by both professional and recreational fly fishers alike. Known for its premium construction, superb design, and outstanding drag system, the Abel Super Mag 7/8/9 is one of the most expensive fly reels on the market and a testament to quality craftsmanship.

Featuring a fully sealed carbon fiber drag system, the Abel Super Mag 7/8/9 offers powerful and consistent drag pressure, making it ideal for tackling a variety of freshwater and saltwater species. Built with aerospace-grade aluminum and precision-machined components, this reel is incredibly durable, lightweight, and resistant to corrosion.

The Abel Super Mag 7/8/9 is also highly customizable, with numerous color and engraving options available, allowing anglers to personalize their reel according to their preferences. This level of customization adds a touch of luxury to an already exceptional reel.

For fly anglers who appreciate high-quality gear and demand the very best from their equipment, the Abel Super Mag 7/8/9 is an investment that promises unmatched performance, durability, and style. When you choose an Abel Super Mag reel, you’re not just investing in a top-tier fishing tool – you’re investing in a piece of functional art.

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1. Daiwa Marine Power MP 3000

Daiwa Marine Power MP 3000 12v
Price Range: $3500 to $3,999.99

The Daiwa Marine Power MP 3000 12v, is the most expensive fishing reel on the market today. With a price range of $3500 to $3,999.99, this electric fishing reel is designed for the serious offshore angler who wants the best of both worlds—power and precision.

The Daiwa Marine Power MP 3000 12v sets the gold standard in high-performance reels, thanks to its potent 12-volt motor that enables smooth and rapid line retrieval. Ideal for hauling in large and heavy catches, this top-of-the-line reel also features a digital readout, so you can monitor your line depth and retrieve speed with pinpoint accuracy. For those moments when you want to take control, it comes with a manual handle for a more traditional fishing experience. Built to last with high-quality materials and packed with innovative features, this reel offers unparalleled performance and reliability for anyone serious about deep-sea fishing. When it comes to investing in the most expensive fishing reel that meets the challenges of the open ocean, the Daiwa Marine Power MP 3000 12v deserves your attention.

Differences Between Cheapand High-End Fishing Reels graph

Differences Between Low-Priced and High-End Fishing Reels

When it comes to selecting a fishing reel, the wide variety of options available can make the decision-making process overwhelming. Understanding the key differences between low-priced and high-end fishing reels can help you make an informed choice that best suits your needs and budget.

  1. Build Quality and Materials: High-end fishing reels are generally constructed using premium materials such as aerospace-grade aluminum, carbon fiber, and high-quality stainless steel. These materials offer superior strength, durability, and corrosion resistance compared to the materials used in lower-priced reels. The build quality in high-end reels is also noticeably better, with more precise engineering and tighter tolerances.
  2. Drag System: The drag system in high-end reels is often more advanced and smoother than in low-priced options. Premium reels feature fully sealed drag systems that offer consistent pressure and protection against water, sand, and debris. These advanced drag systems are essential when targeting large, powerful fish.
  3. Bearings and Gear System: High-end reels typically have a higher number of bearings and more sophisticated gear systems, resulting in smoother operation and more efficient line retrieval. The bearings in premium reels are often sealed or shielded, providing better protection against corrosion and wear.
  4. Weight and Balance: Premium reels often have a lighter and better-balanced design than their low-priced counterparts, which can be particularly important for fly fishing and long casting sessions. A lighter, well-balanced reel can reduce fatigue and improve casting accuracy.
  5. Customization Options: Many high-end fishing reels offer a range of customization options, such as color choices and engraving, allowing anglers to personalize their reel to match their style and preferences.
  6. Longevity and Performance: High-end fishing reels are designed for consistent performance and longevity, even under harsh conditions and heavy use. While the initial cost may be higher, investing in a premium reel can save you money in the long run due to its durability and performance.

The Most Expensive Fishing Reel Brands in The World

Several fishing reel brands are renowned for producing high-end, luxury fishing gear. These brands offer top-tier performance, quality, and innovation, making them the go-to choice for anglers who demand the very best. Here are some of the most expensive fishing reel brands in the world:

  1. Shimano: Known for its exceptional engineering and premium materials, Shimano offers a range of high-end fishing reels, including the famous Stella series. The brand is popular among both professional and recreational anglers for its innovation and consistent performance.
  2. Daiwa: Daiwa is another prestigious brand in the fishing industry, offering top-quality reels such as the Saltiga and Exist series. With cutting-edge technology and impressive craftsmanship, Daiwa reels are favored by anglers seeking luxury and performance.
  3. Abel: Abel Reels is renowned for its high-quality fly fishing reels, featuring beautiful design and precision engineering. With fully sealed drag systems and customizable options, Abel reels are a popular choice for passionate fly anglers.
  4. Tibor: Tibor Reel Corporation produces premium fly fishing reels, known for their durability and performance. With reels like the Tibor Signature series, this band caters to anglers who demand exceptional quality and craftsmanship.
  5. Penn: Penn is a well-established brand in the fishing world, producing high-quality reels for various fishing applications. With reels like the International series, Penn caters to offshore anglers looking for reliable, powerful, and durable equipment.
  6. Accurate: Accurate Fishing Reels is known for its high-quality saltwater reels, offering superior performance and durability. The brand’s twin-drag system is widely praised for its smooth and consistent drag pressure, making it a top choice for big-game anglers.

While these are some of the most expensive fishing reel brands, it’s important to remember that higher cost doesn’t always guarantee a better fishing experience. Ultimately, the best reel for you will depend on your personal preferences, fishing style, and target species.

Key Features to Look for When Choosing a High-Quality Reel

Selecting a high-quality fishing reel requires careful consideration of several features that contribute to the reel’s performance, durability, and ease of use. Here are some key features to look for when choosing a high-quality reel:

  1. Build Quality and Materials: A high-quality reel should be made from premium materials such as aerospace-grade aluminum, carbon fiber, or high-quality stainless steel, which provide durability, strength, and corrosion resistance. The reel should also have robust construction, tight tolerances, and precise engineering.
  2. Drag System: The drag system plays a crucial role in maintaining consistent pressure during a fight with a fish. Look for a reel with a smooth and reliable drag system, preferably sealed to prevent water, sand, and debris from entering and causing damage.
  3. Ball Bearings and Gear System: A high-quality reel should have a higher number of ball bearings, which results in smoother operation and more efficient line retrieval. The bearings should also be shielded or sealed for protection against corrosion and wear. Additionally, the reel should have a well-engineered gear system to ensure optimal performance and longevity.
  4. Line Capacity: Consider the target species and fishing environment when selecting a reel with appropriate line capacity. A high-quality reel should hold the sufficient line for the type of fishing you plan to do, whether it’s offshore big game fishing, freshwater bass fishing, or fly fishing in mountain streams.
  5. Weight and Balance: A lightweight, well-balanced reel can make a significant difference in casting accuracy and angler fatigue during long fishing sessions. Look for a reel with a design that balances well with your chosen fishing rod.
  6. Retrieve Speed and Gear Ratio: The retrieve speed and gear ratio are essential for efficient line retrieval and controlling your lure or bait. Choose a reel with an appropriate gear ratio for your fishing style and target species to ensure the best performance.
  7. Brand Reputation and Warranty: Consider purchasing a reel from a reputable brand known for producing high-quality fishing equipment. A manufacturer’s warranty can also provide peace of mind and protect your investment.

By focusing on these key features, you’ll be better equipped to select a high-quality reel that matches your fishing style and preferences, enhancing your overall angling experience.


What is the most expensive brand fishing reel?

The most expensive brand of fishing reel varies depending on the specific model and features. Some of the top brands known for producing high-end, luxury reels include Shimano, Daiwa, Abel, Tibor, Penn, and Accurate. Each brand offers a range of premium reels designed for different types of fishing, and the most expensive reel will depend on the specific category and features.

What type of reel do professionals use?

The type of reel professionals use depends on the fishing style, target species, and personal preferences. For example, professional bass anglers often use baitcasting reels for precise casting and fast line retrieval, while fly fishers prefer high-quality fly reels with smooth drag systems. Offshore big game anglers may choose large, powerful conventional reels designed to handle strong, fast-swimming fish. Professionals typically use high-quality, reliable reels from reputable brands to ensure the best performance and durability.

What is the best big game fishing reel?

The best big game fishing reel will depend on the specific target species and angler preferences. Some popular big game fishing reels include the Shimano Tiagra, Penn International, and Accurate’s twin-drag series. These reels are designed to handle the power and speed of large, powerful fish and are built with robust materials and engineering for superior performance and durability.

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