The Current Most Expensive Games on Steam

Embarking on a digital treasure hunt, we delve deep into the heart of Steam, the colossal gaming platform, to uncover the luxurious, extravagant, and downright priciest games available for the discerning gamer. Welcome to “Most Expensive Games on Steam,” a curated journey through the pinnacle of gaming opulence, where price tags soar to dizzying heights and the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Are these games worth their weight in gold, or do they merely stand as digital monuments to extravagance? Prepare to be astonished, intrigued, and perhaps even baffled, as we navigate the lavish landscape of gaming’s crème de la crème. This is not your everyday gaming roundup; this is an exploration of the exceptional, the exclusive, and the elite. Hold onto your wallets and brace for impact; we’re about to unveil the enigmas of gaming extravagance on Steam!

6. Snake Robot – $199.99

Snake Robot

“Snake Robot” stands out on our list as the first game with a high positive review score on Steam, despite its $199.99 price tag. The game offers a modern take on the classic snake game that was immensely popular on old Nokia phones, infusing it with a cyberpunk, neon-lit aesthetic, and improved gameplay mechanics.

The developers have successfully captured the nostalgic essence of the original game while elevating it to a new level of excitement and visual appeal. Players have praised “Snake Robot” for its fun gameplay and engaging design, making it a hit among its small but dedicated player base. The game’s high price might be justified by its unique take on a classic and its glowing reviews, suggesting that it could be worth the investment for fans of the genre.

5. Reach the Moon – $199.99

Coming in at a similar price point as “Snake Robot,” “Reach the Moon” is the next expensive game on our list, available for $199.99. Contrary to what the name might suggest, this game does not involve space travel or lunar exploration. Instead, players take on the role of a bodybuilder with the comical goal of throwing a man into the air with the ultimate aim of reaching the moon.

The game includes features like a distance calculator and provides players with the humorous opportunity to surpass the moon with the strength of the bodybuilder. With 10 positive reviews on Steam, players have highlighted the game’s immersive and engaging experience, headless replayability, and beautiful world design. While the premise is undoubtedly funny and the reviews are positive, potential buyers might want to consider the game’s replay value and unique appeal before making a purchase at the $199.99 price point.

4. EVE Online: 20,000 PLEX – $649.99

The next game on our list isn’t a game at all, but rather an in-game item for the free-to-play title “EVE Online.” The “20,000 PLEX” package is priced at $649.99, and it’s important to note that this purchase is non-refundable. PLEX, which stands for Pilot License Extension, is a virtual item that players can trade, use to acquire ship skins and character cosmetics, or sell on the game’s digital market.

Players have the option to grind in-game to earn PLEX, or they can purchase it from various platforms including Steam, GOG, and Epic Game Store, with the price remaining consistent across all platforms. While it might not offer the traditional gaming experience one might expect from a title with such a high price tag, “EVE Online: 20,000 PLEX” provides a quick and straightforward way for players to enhance their in-game assets and experience.

3. Strata Spaces VR Professional Edition – $995

Strata Spaces VR – Professional Edition game

Next on our journey through expensive Steam games, we find ourselves at “Strata Spaces VR Professional Edition,” demanding a hefty $995 from its prospective users. Evaluating this software proves somewhat challenging, given the complete absence of user reviews on its Steam page. Nonetheless, we gather from its description that it claims to be an indispensable tool for modelers and designers, boasting capabilities to immerse them in a virtual environment tailored for visualizing their creative projects. It’s crucial, however, to highlight that this is not a standalone product; it requires the base software, “Strata Spaces VR,” to be fully operational.

Our exploration doesn’t stop there. Diving into “Strata Spaces VR,” which comes at a more palatable $59.95, we discover a lone review. This piece of customer feedback provides a somewhat tepid perspective, acknowledging the software’s potential yet also pointing out the availability of “Strata in Studio VR,” a free alternative with comparable offerings. The sentiment concludes with a note of skepticism regarding the tool’s aptitude for professional-grade creation.

Considering the substantial investment that the Professional Edition demands, coupled with the middling reception of its foundational software, we advise a careful and critical approach.

2. Ascent: Free Roaming VR Experience – $999

Ascent Free Roaming VR Experience game

The Ascent stands out as a remarkable virtual reality experience, boasting an expensive price tag of $999. This game transforms virtual reality as we know it, utilizing an array of cutting-edge technology including under-floor bass-shakers, haptic suits, smart-plugs, and gun stocks. Imagine feeling the very ground beneath your feet trembling as enemies draw near, or the sensation of the wind rushing past you, all made possible through The Ascent’s integration with specialized hardware.

This game is specifically designed for VR, offering a premium experience that can be enjoyed solo or with up to four friends. The multiplayer mode shines with a detailed administration UI, ensuring a smooth gameplay experience controlled from a central server. On the other hand, the single-player mode invites players to face the challenges alone, supporting both wireless headsets and backpack PCs. Across five different difficulty levels, The Ascent promises a thrilling and immersive adventure.

However, it’s important to note that while a 10m x 10m play-space is recommended for the optimal experience, players can still enjoy the game in smaller areas, such as a 6m x 6m space. Some parts of the game may become inaccessible in these smaller settings, but it won’t hinder your ability to complete the game. This flexibility ensures that even those with limited space can still dive into the world of The Ascent and experience virtual reality like never before.

1. The Hidden and Unknown – $2000

The Hidden and Unknown game

The most expensive game on Steam is “The Hidden and Unknown,” coming with a staggering price tag of $2000. This enigmatic title is presented as a “story-based game,” delving into the realms of psychology and philosophy. The brief trailer available on the Steam page adds to the mystery, showcasing a stark red and blue background while words like “story,” “unpredictable,” “prediction,” “future,” and “mystery” flash across the screen, only to be swiftly replaced by the phrase “confusion guaranteed.”

Upon closer inspection of the game’s Steam description, a warning catches the eye, stating, “If you are often getting offended instead of reacting rationally, avoiding this game would be a wise action.” This intriguing disclaimer adds another layer of mystery and possibly hints at controversial or thought-provoking content within the game.

The game’s description and presentation seem to be in line with the high price, suggesting an experience that is unique and potentially transformative. However, as with any purchase, especially one as significant as this, potential buyers should weigh the cost against their curiosity and interest in the game’s thematic elements. The overwhelmingly negative reviews highlight concerns about the game’s actual content and value for money, describing it as a simple text-based experience with AI-generated images and text, akin to a PowerPoint presentation.

Despite its initial higher price point of $2899, the current price of $2000 still raises eyebrows. Some reviewers even humorously suggest that the developers should be the ones paying players to engage with the game. It’s clear that “The Hidden and Unknown” is a divisive title, and those adventurous enough to dive in should do so with full awareness of the game’s abstract nature and the potential for confusion and disappointment.

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What game is $1000000 on Steam?

The game “Spooky Men” on Steam originally carried a price tag of $100,000, but the developer significantly increased it to $1 million. This bold pricing decision highlights their confidence in the game’s exceptional quality and unique value proposition to potential players.

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