9 Most Expensive Microphones on the Market

Step into the world of sonic opulence with our exploration of the most expensive microphones on the market—a realm where pristine sound meets historical craftsmanship. Whether you’re an audiophile, a recording artist, or simply someone who appreciates the finer things in life, understanding the grandeur of these microphones is paramount. Like the difference between a diamond and a quartz, these microphones promise an auditory experience that’s as exquisite as it is costly. But why do these mics command such staggering prices? Is it the superior acoustic quality, the use of rare materials, or their storied pasts echoing with the voices of legendary artists? We’ll dive into the mechanics of what makes these microphones worth their weight in gold. And for those who marvel at luxury in technology, stay tuned as we will later connect you with the zenith of high-end gadgets, such as expensive gaming laptops, where performance meets the peak of gaming glory. Join us as we unravel the allure behind these price-defying pieces of audio artistry.

Most Expensive Microphones

9. Neumann U 67

Neumann U 67

The Neumann U 67 is a classic microphone reissued for those seeking historical fidelity in their recording equipment, and it’s priced at $7,895. This reissue maintains the legacy of the original U 67, featuring the same KK67 capsule and EF86 vacuum tube that made the vintage model a staple in professional studios. It offers three polar patterns: cardioid, omni, and bi-directional, giving users the flexibility to record in various acoustic environments. The power supply conforms to contemporary safety standards, but aside from this necessary update, the microphone retains the construction and sound that have made it a legendary tool for audio capture.

Known for its versatility, the U 67 was designed in the late 1950s as a successor to the U 47. With technological advancements like a Mylar-backed capsule and an internal cutoff filter, the U 67 mitigated the proximity effect and improved pattern accuracy. Its tapered design was so distinctive that Neumann patented it, and the microphone quickly became the industry standard for recording a wide range of sounds, from instruments to vocals. The U 67 is not just a microphone; it’s a piece of Neumann’s storied history in audio excellence.

Neumann ensures that each U 67 microphone manufactured today adheres to rigorous specifications, which eliminates the need for matched pairs based on serial numbers. Customers seeking multiple units can request consecutive serial numbers to own a series of this iconic microphone. The inclusion of original accessories like the Z 48 elastic suspension, NU 67 V power supply, UC 5 microphone cable, and a vintage-style Neumann case adds to the U 67’s value, making it a prized possession for both its performance and its place in the pantheon of great microphones.

8. Josephson C725

Josephson C725

The Josephson C725 microphone, available for $8,800, stands out in the high-end microphone market with its hybrid vacuum tube and solid-state technology. This design, featuring a dual-diaphragm capsule derived from the C700 and C716 models, provides a smooth and precise sound that captures the intricate details of both vocals and instruments. The C725’s adaptability is enhanced by its five switchable directional patterns and a unique ☉/☾ selector that optimizes the signal path for different recording situations, offering both high sensitivity and the option for a more neutral sound with greater dynamic handling.

Josephson’s engineering in the C725 ensures a pristine audio capture by minimizing internal reflections within the microphone. The patented aluminum foam head grille, coupled with a fine mesh, protects against contamination while preserving sound clarity. The satin nickel finish of the C725 not only contributes to its sleek appearance but also provides durability for frequent studio use. Its internal shock-mounted capsule assembly allows for direct attachment to a microphone stand, promoting ease of use and stability.

The C725’s circuitry showcases Josephson’s commitment to audio excellence, with a low-noise FET paired with a pentode vacuum tube for dynamic sound capture. The custom transformer with separate windings for output and gain control contributes to the mic’s remarkable performance. With its comprehensive power supply unit accommodating various voltages and detailed settings for sound character and dynamics, the C725 is a versatile tool for high-level recording tasks. Each microphone is delivered with a robust Pelican case, ensuring safe transportation and storage for this exceptional piece of audio equipment.

7. Vanguard V24 – $9,000

The Vanguard V24 is a testament to Vanguard Audio Labs’ commitment to superior microphone craftsmanship, offered at $9,000. This stereo tube condenser microphone is designed to be a reliable, professional tool that rivals the classic stereo condensers. Featuring a pair of BeesNeez CK12 capsules and a wide selection of nine polar patterns per capsule, the V24 is a versatile performer, suitable for various recording techniques from X/Y to Mid-Side and Blumlein configurations. It’s built for longevity and precision with a heavy-duty rotation mechanism and premium components that include US-made resistors and twin Cinemag transformers.

Vanguard Audio Labs’ V24 is not just any microphone; it’s a step forward in audio technology. They have improved upon the traditional circuit topology to enhance stereo imaging and extend low-frequency response. With its robust, modernized power supply and detailed noise filtering, the V24 reduces crosstalk and achieves a clear, authentic sound. The switchable low-pass filtering per channel allows for customization of the microphone’s high-end response, further proving its versatility.

Designed, hand-assembled, and tested in the USA, the V24 showcases a robust construction with stainless steel components and a cryogenically treated signal path to ensure the highest fidelity and durability. The microphone’s unique design includes a “tank turret” capsule rotation mechanism, which is sturdy enough for stage use, and its components are chosen for both performance and reliability. With a promise of quality backed by a five-year warranty, the Vanguard V24 is not just a microphone; it’s a piece of artistry made for the discerning professional who wants nothing but the best.

6. Neumann KU 100 – $9,500

The Neumann KU 100 dummy head microphone, priced at $9,500, offers a unique binaural stereo recording experience. Mimicking the human head’s shape and ear placement, it houses two microphone capsules that create an immersive audio experience. When paired with high-quality headphones, the KU 100 transports the listener to the original recording scene, providing a spatial depth perception that traditional stereo recordings cannot match. This dummy head microphone is versatile, used not only in the music and broadcasting industries but also in acoustic research and industrial sound measurement, thanks to its realistic sound replication.

Neumann’s KU 100 stands out for its technical design, which includes transformerless circuitry. This approach results in high output, swift transient response, and exceptionally low self-noise levels. The circuitry provides the same benefits as traditional transformers, such as excellent common mode rejection, with the added advantage of being impervious to RF interference. This makes the KU 100 efficient in a wide range of environments and applications, from audio recording to industrial noise assessment.

The KU 100 comes complete with a 10 dB attenuation switch and a variable high-pass filter, offering flexibility in recording settings. It can be powered by phantom power, batteries, or an AC mains supply, making it adaptable for studio or field work. Neumann includes a robust aluminum case, power supply unit, and necessary cabling with every KU 100, ensuring that this high-end microphone provides everything needed for advanced recording tasks right out of the box. The durability and precision of the KU 100 make it a worthwhile investment for critical listening and recording applications.

5. Sony C800G PAC – $10,700

The Sony C800G PAC microphone is a modern classic in the recording industry, prized at $10,700. Its revered status comes from the unique sonic presence it brings to recordings, often associated with top-charting rap, pop, and R&B hits. This large dual-diaphragm condenser microphone is equipped with a hand-selected 6AU6 vacuum tube and a distinctive cooling system that helps maintain impeccable sound quality with a low noise floor, making it a favorite for professional studio work.

Sony introduced the C800G PAC in 1992, breaking the mold by achieving legendary status among newer microphones. It boasts a brightness and clarity that has captured the voices of artists such as J. Cole, Dr. Dre, Eminem, and Kanye West, who notably recorded “Through the Wire” with it. The microphone’s dual polar patterns, cardioid and omnidirectional, allow it versatility in capturing both the direct sound of vocals and the ambient environment for instruments.

What sets the C800G PAC apart is its innovative design, incorporating the best of vintage and modern technology. It mimics the vintage Neumann K67’s capsule design, producing a smooth top-end that’s free of harshness while delivering warm analog undertones in the lower mids. The cooling system, akin to a radiator, is the “elephant in the room”—an integral feature for reducing noise and distortion, enabling the mic to record with extraordinary detail. With its high sensitivity and wide frequency range, the C800G PAC is an investment for studios seeking the highest fidelity in voice and music recording.

4. Telefunken ELA M 251E – $11,995

The TELEFUNKEN ELA M 251E Tube Condenser Microphone is not just a piece of history; it’s a modern classic, available for $11,995. As our top recommendation, this reissue stands out for its fidelity to the original’s acoustic performance and design. With its edge-terminated CK-12 capsule and three selectable polar patterns, the ELA M 251E captures the essence of the most subtle performances, whether it’s the dynamic range of a vocalist or the intricate harmonics of an acoustic guitar. This microphone is a favorite for its ability to deliver a sound that is both rich and precise, embodying the warmth and clarity that is characteristic of the finest studio microphones.

For those looking to invest in a microphone with unmatched quality and historical prestige, the TELEFUNKEN ELA M 251E is our favored choice. It excels not only in its sonic capabilities but also in aesthetic and build quality. Inside, it houses a 6072a vacuum tube and the Haufe T14/1 output transformer, ensuring that the sound is true to the original that has been part of music’s greatest records. The added benefit of modern manufacturing brings this microphone into the realm of reliability and consistency that vintage models can’t always match.

When it comes to replicating a piece of recording history with contemporary reliability, the TELEFUNKEN ELA M 251E reissue is unparalleled. It offers a sound that professionals seek: a rich, detailed, and expansive audio capture that TELEFUNKEN microphones are known for. Its superior design, combined with a complete set of accessories, including a power supply and a premium flight case, solidify it as a wise long-term investment for serious audio work. We recommend the ELA M 251E for anyone in search of the definitive tube microphone experience.

3. Brauner VM1S – $12,500

The Brauner VM1S stands as a marvel in the world of high-end microphones, priced at a significant $12,500. This stereo microphone embodies Dirk Brauner’s philosophy of blending traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. The VM1S, being the stereo extension of the VM1, integrates two perfectly matched VM1 mics into one chassis. It’s designed to fulfill all the demands of a stereo recording, allowing for separate control of each capsule’s pickup pattern. Whether for capturing a full orchestra or a solo voice, the VM1S delivers exceptional clarity and depth.

Brauner has spared no expense in the VM1S design, eliminating all semiconductors from the signal path to avoid any capacitance that could compromise the sound. There are no connectors, switches, or filters between the capsule and tube, ensuring a pure signal flow. The microphone amplifier’s Class A design and the carefully selected twin-core transformer ensure the highest fidelity. The construction quality is unparalleled, right down to the acoustically transparent ‘Superscreen’ pop filter, which avoids phase shift—a common flaw with standard screens.

The audio quality of the Brauner VM1S is distinct and refined, offering a pristine sound that sets it apart from classic microphones. Its transparency and sonic purity make it a favorite among the industry’s elite, such as Bruce Swedien and Steve Kempster. With a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz and a maximum SPL of 142 dB, the VM1S is not an emulation of vintage microphones but a forward-thinking, original design that offers a new and unique audio experience for professionals seeking the best in studio recording equipment.

2. Neumann M49 – $17,000

Neumann M49

The Neumann M49 ranks among the most expensive vintage microphones, with good condition units priced at approximately $17,000. This microphone is renowned for its dual-diaphragm design and the innovative feature of a remotely switchable pickup pattern. This capability was a milestone in microphone technology, allowing users to adjust between cardioid, omnidirectional, and figure-eight patterns with a potentiometer on the power supply unit, offering unparalleled control and versatility in recording settings.

Developed in collaboration with Northwest German Radio in 1949 and released in 1951, the M49 quickly became a broadcasting favorite and a prevalent choice for orchestral recordings as an overhead microphone. The transition to the K49 capsule in 1960, along with the replacement of the Hiller MSC2 tube with the AC701K tube, marked significant upgrades, resulting in the M49B and later the M49C models. These enhancements, coupled with a distinct slanted grille design to eliminate standing waves, underscored Neumann’s commitment to acoustic perfection.

The M49’s legacy is cemented by its rich, warm tone that has been part of recordings by legends like Miles Davis, Barbara Streisand, and Simon and Garfunkel. Its sound quality is especially favored for capturing the nuances of female vocals, as evidenced by its use by Norah Jones and Aretha Franklin. The microphone’s historical impact and its continued relevance, proven by Neumann’s reissue of the model as the M 49 V Set in 2022, justify its high price and coveted status among audio professionals and collectors.

1. Neumann U48 – $25,000

The most expensive microphone is the Neumann U48, a vintage masterpiece that fetches around $25,000 for its superior quality and historic significance. It’s a versatile microphone, primarily known for its excellence in capturing vocal performances, but it also shines with instruments like drums, pianos, strings, and guitar cabinets. The variety of applications testifies to its broad sonic capabilities, offering creative freedom to the user.

The allure of the NEUMANN U48 stems from its rich history. As the successor to the acclaimed U47, the first large diaphragm condenser microphone produced by Neumann post-WWII, the U48 maintains the legendary sound quality that set the industry standard in the fifties. Its sensitivity revolutionized recording, capturing unprecedented detail and contributing to the distinct tone that has graced countless records.

What sets the U48 apart is its dual pattern selection, with both cardioid and figure-of-eight options. This feature captured the imagination of the Beatles, who famously used the U48 for their intimate dual vocal recordings. This technique wasn’t just a studio trick; it shaped the Beatles’ vocal synergy, as their voices blended on a single microphone, becoming a pivotal part of their sound during the recording of timeless hits. The mic’s historical association with such influential music adds to its value, making it a coveted piece for collectors and studios alike.


Are expensive mics worth it?

Investing in an expensive microphone can be likened to acquiring a luxury car—it’s about the experience, performance, and quality. High-priced mics often come with superior sound fidelity, durability, and technological advancements that can elevate recording sessions from good to great. They’re designed for those who require nuanced sound reproduction—think of studios that aim to produce crystal-clear vocal tracks or the richness of an orchestra. However, whether an expensive microphone is worth it depends on your needs. For a professional studio, the clarity, depth, and warmth of a high-end microphone can mean the difference between a track that’s merely satisfactory and one that’s sonically spectacular.

How expensive is a good mic?

The price of a good microphone can vary widely depending on the intended use and the user’s level of expertise. Professional studio-quality microphones typically start around the $1,000 mark and can go up to tens of thousands for high-end models. But “good” is subjective and context-dependent; for home studios and semi-professional settings, mid-range mics costing a few hundred dollars can also serve well. However, the craftsmanship and sound quality of more expensive microphones like those used in professional music production are unmatched in their price range and are considered a worthy investment for those taking sound seriously.

What mic does Billie Eilish use?

Billie Eilish, known for her distinctive vocal style and intricate production, uses the Neumann TLM 103 Microphone. This choice speaks volumes about the microphone’s capability to deliver a polished, professional sound. The TLM 103 is part of Neumann’s line of high-quality studio microphones that embody the brand’s commitment to capturing sound as faithfully as possible. It offers a broad frequency range and a sound pressure level limit that can handle everything from subtle whispers to powerful vocals, making it a favorite for artists who demand versatility and precision from their recording equipment.

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