The 13 Most Expensive Hockey Sticks in The World

Welcome to the ultimate guide to the top hockey sticks that are taking the game to new heights in 2023. As the blistering pace of a hockey match escalates, so does the quest for the ideal stick that can amplify your gameplay. Here, we put the power of choice in your hands. Will it be the quick-release capabilities of the Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Griptac, or perhaps the precision of the TRUE Catalyst 9X Grip Hockey Stick that piques your interest? Before the next puck drops, dive into our comprehensive assessment, crafted meticulously from our exhaustive testing process. This isn’t just a buying guide, it’s your competitive edge on the ice. Discover the stick that matches your game, and unleash your potential. Remember, the right stick isn’t just an accessory; it’s an extension of you on the ice. So why wait? Get ready to score the winning goal with the perfect stick. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to also check out our guide on the most expensive ice skates for a complete gear upgrade. Your journey to becoming a powerhouse on the ice begins right here, right now.

The Most Expensive Hockey Sticks

13. Warrior Covert QR5 Pro Stick – $239

Warrior Covert QR5 Pro Stick

Warrior has made a name for itself in the industry with its high-performance hockey equipment. The Warrior Covert QR5 Pro Stick, which falls under the Covert line, is built for speed and precision. Our tests highlight the Dagger Taper III, allowing for a quick release, the True 1 Phantom Feel, which boosts balance, and the Minimus Carbon 800, which ensures durability and responsiveness. We found the stick to possess a light and well-balanced feel, coupled with smooth, swift shots and good puck handling. However, some drawbacks include potential durability concerns and insufficient power.

12. Bauer X Hockey Stick – $239

Bauer, the pioneer of attaching a blade to a boot, brings to the table the Bauer X Hockey Stick. As part of the Supreme line, it is sculpted for power and accuracy. Our team found its tapered shaft, Sonic Taper, Max Balance Blade, and ER SPINE Technology offering superior control and balance. We observed a great feel and balance, fast and forceful shots, and a comfortable grip, though the high price and possible durability issues were noted.

11. CCM Ribcor Trigger 7 Pro Hockey Stick – $259


CCM has an enriched legacy in producing hockey equipment. Its Ribcor Trigger 7 Pro Hockey Stick is tailored for quick, agile shots. The stick features a low-kick point, optimized flex ratio, and an agility blade, which we found contributed to quick, smooth shots, a balanced weight, and robust construction. However, some potential drawbacks include the grip wearing off and the blade cracking.

10. Warrior Alpha LX Pro Hockey Stick – $259

The Warrior Alpha LX Pro Hockey Stick falls under Warrior’s Alpha line. It’s engineered for versatility and agility. Our tests revealed its light and balanced feel, swift, smooth shots, and comfortable grip, courtesy of the Sabre Taper II, R.L.C. 188, Minimus Carbon UD, and FuelCore Ultra. However, potential concerns include durability and power issues.

9. Bauer Nexus Sync Hockey Stick – $259

Bauer’s Nexus line features the Nexus Sync Hockey Stick. Built for control and precision, it integrates ConnectTech Blade Technology, Advanced Carbon Layering, Monocomp Technology, and an Ergo Shaft Shape. Our testing team found the stick to have a great feel and balance, quick and forceful shots, and a responsive blade, but the high price and potential durability issues were also observed.

8. TRUE Catalyst 9X Grip Hockey Stick – $279

TRUE, celebrated for its custom-fit skates and sticks, brings the Catalyst 9X Grip Hockey Stick to the table. Falling under the Catalyst line, it is engineered for power and precision. Our tests revealed the great feel and pop, fast and accurate shots, and sturdy construction, courtesy of its FIBERSHIELD Technology, Axenic Technology, SmartPly Technology, and SmartFlex Technology. Potential drawbacks include its high price and availability concerns.

7. CCM JetSpeed FT5 Pro Stick – $279

The CCM JetSpeed FT5 Pro Stick, part of the JetSpeed line, is made for speed and efficiency. We observed the light and balanced feel, smooth and quick shots, and comfortable grip, thanks to its Sigmatex STp Carbon Fiber, Nanolite Carbon Layering, JetStream Blade, and Hybrid Flex Profile. Potential negatives include a high price and durability concerns.

6. Bauer Ag5nt Grip Hockey Stick – $359

Bauer Ag5nt Grip Hockey Stick

The Bauer Ag5nt Grip Hockey Stick, incorporating revolutionary Boron material, results in an incredibly lightweight, quick-release stick. Its Sonic Taper, Max Balance Blade, and ER SPINE Technology contribute to a great feel and balance, fast and hard shots, and a comfortable grip, as per our tests. However, the high price tag and potential durability issues were noted.

5. True AX9 Hockey Stick – $299

TRUE’s AX9 Hockey Stick, part of the A-Series, is crafted for precision and power. We appreciated the light feel, smooth and accurate shots, and sturdy construction, attributed to its BRT+ technology for blade durability, smart-flex design for improved accuracy, and smart-ply construction for strength. Potential negatives include its high price and grip wearing off over time.

4. CCM Super Tacks AS5 Pro Hockey Stick – $329

The Super Tacks AS5 Pro Hockey Stick is CCM’s high-end offering. It is engineered for power and precision, featuring a mid-kick point, a Nanolite Carbon Layering, a stiff blade, and a T-Geometry shaft. Our team noted the powerful and accurate shots, balanced feel, and robust construction of this stick. Potential downsides are its high price and grip that may wear off over time.

3. True HZRDUS PX Hockey Stick – $359.99

TRUE HZRDUS PX Senior Hockey Stick

In the realm of high-performance hockey gear, the True HZRDUS PX stands out as a marvel of modern engineering. Weighing in at just 345 grams, it’s the lightest stick that True has ever produced. But don’t let its lightweight fool you; this stick is packed with True’s HZRDUS Composite Technology, designed to provide maximum energy transfer and an unparalleled feel on the ice.

The True HZRDUS PX is the most expensive hockey stick on the market, priced at $359.99 for Senior sizes. This premium investment is for those who are serious about elevating their game to the next level.

The stick’s low kick point makes it ideal for players who crave the ability to shoot and pass with immense power. And you can step onto the ice with confidence, thanks to True’s ‘No Breakage Guarantee,’ assuring you that your investment is built to last.

Our comprehensive review of the HZRDUS PX left no stone unturned. The stick felt as if it was ‘defying gravity,’ according to our reviewer, who also praised its incredibly accurate and responsive feel. While they did note that the stick is a bit stiffer compared to others on the market, this didn’t hinder performance. In fact, our reviewer hailed the HZRDUS PX as ‘the best stick that True has ever made.’

So, if you’re in the market for a hockey stick that offers a perfect blend of lightness, power, and durability, the True HZRDUS PX should undoubtedly be at the top of your list.

2. The Moffatt Stick – $300,000

Moffatt Stick

The Moffatt Stick holds the record as the oldest known hockey stick in existence, dating back to the 1830s. Crafted from a single piece of sugar maple by William Moffatt, a farmer from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, the stick was used by multiple generations of the Moffatt family to play shinny, a form of ice hockey. The stick eventually became a decoration in a barbershop before being purchased and authenticated by Mark Presley, a hockey enthusiast.

Presley sold the stick to the Canadian Museum of History for $300,000, where it’s currently displayed as part of the Canadian History Hall. The Moffatt Stick is considered a national treasure and a testament to Canada’s enduring love for hockey. And if you are a baseball fan, check out our guide on The Most Expensive Baseball Bat.

1. The Sharpe’s Hockey Stick – $4.25 million

The Sharpes Hockey Stick

The most expensive hockey stick ever is the Sharpe’s Hockey Stick, a relic dating back to the 1850s. Crafted by Alexander Rutherford, a farmer from Ontario, Canada, this stick was carved from a single piece of hornbeam and has a rich history. It was passed down through generations of the Rutherford family and even saw action in shinny games on the family farm.

Originally authenticated as the oldest hockey stick until the Moffat Stick was discovered in 2008, the Sharpe’s Stick has its own claim to fame. It was sold on eBay for a staggering $2.2 million and has been appraised at an even more astonishing $4.25 million. Today, it holds a place of honor at Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant in Toronto, where it’s part of a hockey memorabilia collection that celebrates Canada’s love for the sport.


What is the most expensive Bauer stick?

The most expensive Bauer stick on the market is the Bauer Supreme AG5NT Griptac, priced at $359. However, prices can fluctuate depending on the retailer and the region.

Why are hockey sticks so expensive?

Hockey sticks are so expensive because of the advanced technology and materials used in their production. High-end sticks are often made from lightweight and durable materials like carbon fiber, which can drive up the cost. Additionally, the R&D involved in optimizing features such as balance, flex, blade design, and grip can also contribute to the price.

Do more expensive hockey sticks make a difference?

Yes, more expensive hockey sticks often offer features that can enhance performance on the ice. These include better balance, weight distribution, puck control, and shot power. However, the benefits will often depend on the player’s skill level, style, and comfort with the stick. A less experienced player might not notice a significant difference between a mid-range and high-end stick.

How much do NHL sticks cost?

NHL players use top-of-the-line sticks which typically cost between $200 and $300 per stick, but can sometimes run higher. However, these players usually have deals with manufacturers, so they do not personally pay for their sticks. It’s also worth noting that NHL players go through numerous sticks in a season, so the total cost can be quite high.


Hockey sticks come in a diverse range, both in design and in price. Starting from brands like Warrior Covert and Bauer X, priced in a couple of hundreds, all the way to the jaw-dropping Moffatt Stick and Sharpe’s Hockey Stick, tagged in the hundreds of thousands to millions.

This incredible range shows the blend of craftsmanship, heritage, and brand prestige in the world of hockey. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned professional, there’s a stick out there that fits not only your playing style but also your budget.

And speaking of winter sports and the joys they bring, if you’re a student or parent eager for a break, don’t forget about the excitement of snow days! Wondering if a snowy break is in your near future? Check out this handy snow day calculator – it predicts snow days or school delays using just your zip code!

To all the hockey enthusiasts out there, whether you’re on the ice or watching from the stands, always remember to cherish the game, the gear, and the unexpected joys winter can bring.

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