The 12 Most Expensive Vacations in The World

Are you seeking the pinnacle of opulence for your next getaway, or perhaps dreaming of the ultimate bucket list vacation? Discover the world’s most extravagant retreats where exclusive experiences, unmatched luxury, and breathtaking landscapes blend seamlessly. Welcome to the world of the ultra-rich, where luxury transcends beyond five-star, and the term ‘holiday’ takes on an entirely new meaning. These coveted destinations offer more than just stunning vistas and immaculate accommodations—they offer once-in-a-lifetime adventures, extraordinary wildlife encounters, and indulgent pampering that redefine what it means to vacation. Immerse yourself in this unrivaled realm of extravagance and, perhaps, inspire your own luxurious lifestyle. So, prepare to set your travel aspirations sky-high, as we embark on an exquisite journey through the most expensive vacations in the world.

The Most Expensive Vacation Destinations

1. Over Yonder Cay, Bahamas

Over Yonder Cay Bahamas

The most expensive vacation in the world is a week-long stay at Over Yonder Cay, a slice of paradise tucked away in the Bahamas. Imagine this: you’re surrounded by turquoise waters, living in a private villa with exclusive beach access, and every whim of yours is catered to by a dedicated team. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, this dream comes with a price tag of around $357,000 per week. Yes, you read that right!

But here’s the kicker: this isn’t just any luxury vacation. This is an ultra-luxury experience that includes personalized yacht tours, your own private film screenings on the beach, and bespoke dining experiences that would make a food critic swoon. And if you’re into wellness, they’ve got you covered with customized fitness regimes.

What sets Over Yonder Cay apart is its commitment to sustainability. The entire island runs on renewable energy, making it an eco-luxe destination. So, not only do you get to live like royalty, but you also get to do it without leaving a carbon footprint. Now, if you’re wondering why luxury comes at such a high price, you might also be interested in exploring the most expensive cities in California. But for now, if you’ve got the means, Over Yonder Cay is the ultimate vacation spot that promises an experience like no other.

2. Villa La Coste, Provence, France

In the heart of Provence, nestled among lush vineyards and ancient olive groves, lies the splendid Villa La Coste. It’s a haven that marries modern art, architecture, and natural beauty.

For approximately $100,000 per week, you can enjoy the villa’s exclusive features including a private wine cellar, an infinity pool, and an outdoor cinema.

Savor the ultimate gastronomic experiences curated by world-renowned chefs, wine tastings at the estate’s vineyard, private art tours, and relaxing spa therapies in the comfort of your villa.

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3. Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

Necker Island, located in the British Virgin Islands, is the private oasis of billionaire Richard Branson. This 74-acre island is a true gem of the Caribbean with its pristine beaches and exotic wildlife.

At a cost of approximately $113,000 per night (Up to 40 guests in 20 rooms), guests are granted exclusive access to the entire island with its opulent villas

Necker Island offers a treasure trove of experiences, from wildlife tours showcasing the diverse fauna of the island, watersports including kite surfing and paddleboarding, spa treatments, and gourmet meals curated by personal chefs. The island is also equipped with a tennis court, swimming pools, and a helipad.

4. The Brando, French Polynesia

The Brando is a lavish resort located on Tetiaroa, a private atoll once owned by actor Marlon Brando. This secluded paradise offers a blend of luxury and environmental sustainability amidst French Polynesia’s stunning beauty.

At approximately $3,500 per night, guests can enjoy world-class dining, luxurious accommodations with private plunge pools, and stunning beach views.

Guests can indulge in various water sports, guided nature tours, Polynesian cultural activities, spa treatments, and stargazing sessions at the resort’s observatory.

5. Musha Cay, Bahamas

Musha Cay, located in the Exuma Chain, in the southern Bahamas, is the ultimate island escape. Owned by magician David Copperfield, this island brings a hint of magic to the tropical paradise setting.

For around $51,000 per night (up to 12 persons), guests have access to their private chef, personal fireworks displays, and access to neighboring islands.

The island offers many experiences like a drive-in movie theater on the beach, treasure hunts, and even a magic show by Copperfield himself.

6. The Lodge at Kuramathi, Maldives

The Lodge at Kuramathi is a stunning resort located on a private island in the Maldives, known for its overwater villas and remarkable views of the Indian Ocean.

With rates starting at $1,500 per night, the resort offers the privilege of privacy, luxury accommodations, and high-end facilities.

Guests can indulge in underwater dining, private sandbank picnics, yoga sessions overlooking the ocean, and snorkeling on the house reef with its abundant marine life.

7. White Desert “Greatest Trip” to Antarctica

The White Desert “Greatest Trip” is a unique one-day journey to Antarctica, an otherworldly landscape of pristine white and ethereal beauty.

This once-in-a-lifetime journey costs $195,000 per person. This includes a private flight from Cape Town to Antarctica and back, gourmet meals, and professional guides.

The itinerary involves landing on a blue-ice runway, exploring ice caves, visiting a science base, and dining on a gourmet lunch served on the ice, offering the ultimate polar experience.

8. North Island, Seychelles

North Island is an exclusive resort located in Seychelles, known for its exceptional beauty, biodiversity, and conservation efforts.

Renting the Villa North Island, the most exclusive accommodation costs about $11,000 per night. This includes private beach access, a personal chef, and a plunge pool.

Guests can enjoy private beach dinners, diving trips, marine life encounters, and conservation experiences, like assisting in turtle hatching.

9. The Amangiri, Utah

The Amangiri resort in Utah is a blend of luxury and landscape, nestled amidst the rugged terrain of Canyon Point and offering stunning desert views.

Starting at $1,500 per night, guests can enjoy a unique desert experience in luxurious suites that blend into the dramatic surroundings.

The resort offers guided hikes, horseback riding, rock climbing, spa services, and a chance to explore the culture of the Navajo people.

10. The Pikaia Lodge, Ecuador

The Pikaia Lodge in Ecuador is a unique destination for exploring the Galapagos Islands, known for their rich biodiversity and historic significance.

A week’s stay in the lodge’s pool suite starts at $10,205 per person. The cost includes exploration tours, meals, and transfers.

Guests can explore the unique flora and fauna of the Galapagos, visit the Charles Darwin Research Station, and enjoy yacht tours.

11. Wilderness Safaris Bisate Lodge, Rwanda

Nestled next to Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, Wilderness Safaris Bisate Lodge offers an extraordinary encounter with Africa’s iconic mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.

With rooms starting at $1,100 per person per night, the cost encompasses lodging, meals, and select activities, including gorilla tracking.

Apart from the thrilling gorilla encounters, guests can visit the golden monkeys, hike to Dian Fossey’s grave or the top of the Karisimbi volcano, explore local community projects, or just relax in their uniquely designed rooms overlooking the lush forest canopy.

12. The Four Seasons Resort Lanai, Hawaii

The Four Seasons Resort Lanai is a beachfront paradise, offering a serene getaway on a secluded island known for its stunning landscapes, from the sparkling ocean to the rugged cliffs.

Room rates start at $1,000 per night. The cost includes access to the resort’s world-class amenities, in-room conveniences, and exquisite dining experiences.

Guests can partake in a wide range of activities, from golfing to horseback riding, snorkeling, sailing, and cultural explorations of Lanai. The resort’s wellness amenities include a spa, yoga, and meditation sessions.


These vacations redefine luxury travel, setting standards for exclusivity, privacy, and personalized service. Each of these experiences is unique, offering not just opulence, but also an immersive dive into the stunning landscapes, rich cultures, and diverse wildlife of some of the world’s most breathtaking locations. These journeys are akin to owning the most expensive cars or residing in the most expensive houses – a testament to the ultimate luxurious lifestyle. While their price tags are undoubtedly high, the memories and experiences they offer are truly priceless. For those who can afford them, these vacations are more than just a trip; they are the journey of a lifetime.

What is the most expensive vacation place in the world?

The White Desert “Greatest Trip” to Antarctica currently ranks as the most expensive vacation, offering an unparalleled adventure on the icy continent for a hefty sum.

How much does the most expensive vacation cost?

The White Desert “Greatest Trip” to Antarctica is priced at $195,000 per person for a single-day trip, making it the costliest vacation experience available as of our latest update.

What is the most expensive beach in the world?

While it’s difficult to pinpoint the most expensive beach due to varying factors such as private property and nearby accommodations, the beaches on private islands such as Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands and North Island in Seychelles, offer some of the most exclusive and priciest beachfront experiences in the world.

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