The Rarest Blook in Blooket

The 10 Rarest Blooks in Blooket

Welcome to the ultimate treasure hunt in the world of Blooket! If you’re a fan of this addictive game, you know that owning a rare blook is like holding a golden ticket. But have you ever wondered which blook tops them all? Which one is the crown jewel that every player dreams of adding to their collection? Look no further, because we’re about to dive deep into the enigmatic allure of the rarest blook in Blooket. This is not just a game-changer; it’s a life-changer for serious Blooket aficionados. The rarity, the prestige, and the bragging rights—owning this blook is akin to sitting on a throne in the gaming world, much like owning one of the most expensive gaming chairs. So, buckle up as we unveil the ultimate symbol of Blooket mastery. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this!

The Rarest Blooks in Blooket

10. Lime Astronaut

Lime Astronaut

Meet the Lime Astronaut, a lime-colored space traveler with a white helmet and a lime flag. It’s out of this world! Only 3 of these cosmic blooks exist, and they were awarded to the winners of the Space event in 2021.

Expert Tip

To excel in the Space event, familiarize yourself with space-related trivia and questions that are likely to appear. Preparation is key.

9. Cyan Astronaut

Cyan Astronaut

The Cyan Astronaut is another celestial wonder, featuring a cyan-colored astronaut with a white helmet and a cyan flag. With only 10 in existence, this blook is a rare find. It was also awarded to the winners of the Space event in 2021.

Expert Tip

If you missed the Space event, your best bet for acquiring this blook is through trading. Always check the rarity and value of the blooks you’re trading to ensure a fair deal.

8. Agent Owl

Agent Owl is no ordinary bird; it’s an owl with sunglasses and a suit. This blook cannot be obtained by default and is only available through trading or by buying it from the shop for 500 tokens.

Expert Tip

When it comes to trading, always negotiate and know the value of what you’re trading. Agent Owl is a high-value blook, so make sure you’re getting an equally valuable blook or set of blooks in return.

7. Tropical Globe

The Tropical Globe is a snow globe with palm trees and sand inside. This blook is also not available by default and can only be obtained from the Blizzard Box during December and March, with a 0.5% chance.

Expert Tip

For the best odds, buy the Blizzard Box in bulk if you can. The more boxes you open, the higher your chances of getting this rare blook.

6. Spooky Mummy

The Spooky Mummy is a mummy wrapped in bandages and has red eyes. With only 15 in existence, this blook is quite uncommon and was awarded to winners of the Spooky event in 2020.

Expert Tip

If you own this blook, consider storing it safely in your collection as its value is likely to increase over time. It’s also a good trading asset.

5. Rainbow Astronaut

The Rainbow Astronaut is an astronaut with rainbow colors and a white helmet. There are only 25 of these, and they were awarded to winners of the Space event in 2021.

Expert Tip

This blook has a moderate trading value. If you’re planning to trade it, aim for blooks that are equally rare or come as a set to maximize value.

4. Megalodon


The Megalodon is a massive shark featured in the Fishing Frenzy game mode. This blook is legendary and can be found in the Aquatic Box with a 0.2% chance.

Expert Tip

Your best strategy for obtaining this blook is to save up tokens and spend them on Aquatic Boxes during special events or sales where you might get extra boxes or discounts.

3. Lovely Frog/Lucky Frog

Lucky Frog

These are chroma blooks available during Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. They are recolors of the common Frog blook but feature a heart or a clover on their body and sell for 350 tokens.

Expert Tip

The best time to buy these blooks is during their respective holidays when they are available. They make for great trading assets later on, as they become unavailable for the rest of the year.

2. Tim the Alien

Tim the Alien

Picture a green alien with a yellow antenna and a blue suit. That’s Tim! Just like the Spooky Ghost, only 2 of these exist. Winners of the Pokemon Are Cool event in 2021 were graced with this blook.

Expert Tip

To win events like these, focus on mastering the game modes featured in the event. Practice makes perfect, and the competition is fierce for such rare books. If you’re intrigued by the rarity and value of collectibles like Tim, you might also be interested in our guide on the most expensive PEZ dispenser.

1. Spooky Ghost

Spooky Ghost

The rarest blook in Blooket is the Spooky Ghost. This ethereal figure is more than just a digital collectible; it’s a status symbol in the Blooket community. With its transparent form, spooky face, and captivating purple outline, the Spooky Ghost is a sight to behold. But its extreme rarity truly sets it apart—only two exist in the entire game. Awarded exclusively to the winners of the 2021 Halloween event, this blook is the epitome of exclusivity.

Expert Tip

The Spooky Ghost is highly sought after due to its extreme rarity and unique design. If you’re lucky enough to own one, it’s a status symbol in the Blooket community that can fetch a high price in trades.


What is the least rarest blook in Blooket?

The least rare blook in Blooket is often one of the standard blooks that come with the game when you first start playing. These are commonly found and easily obtained, making them the least rare. Unlike the mystical and chroma blooks, these standard blooks are accessible to everyone and don’t hold much trading value.

What is the rarest blook you can get from a pack in Blooket?

The rarest blook you can get from a pack in Blooket varies depending on the type of pack and the event. However, legendary blooks like the Megalodon, which can be found in the Aquatic Box with a 0.2% chance, are among the rarest you can get from a pack. These blooks are not only hard to come by but also hold significant trading value.

Is the rainbow panda the rarest blook in Blooket?

The Rainbow Panda, while extremely popular and sought-after, is not the rarest blook in Blooket. The title for the rarest blook goes to the Spooky Ghost, with only 2 in existence. The Rainbow Panda is rare, but it doesn’t hold the same level of exclusivity as some of the other blooks we’ve discussed.


In the fascinating universe of Blooket, the 10 rarest blooks we’ve explored are more than just digital collectibles; they’re badges of honor, symbols of mastery, and, in some cases, extremely valuable trading assets. From the ethereal Spooky Ghost to the legendary Megalodon, each of these blooks holds a unique place in the game, offering not just aesthetic pleasure but also a sense of achievement and exclusivity.

The joy and competitiveness of blook collecting go hand in hand. There’s an indescribable thrill in acquiring a rare blook, whether through an event, a trade, or even a purchase. It’s a game within a game, a meta-challenge that adds layers of excitement and strategy to Blooket. And let’s not forget the social aspect—trading blooks can be a great way to interact with other players and even make new friends.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the next event, strategize your trades, and keep an eye on those special offers. Your dream blook could be just around the corner, waiting to elevate your Blooket experience to legendary heights. Happy blook hunting!

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