The Top Most Expensive Tech Decks on The Market

In the intriguing realm of fingerboarding, there’s a burgeoning niche that’s capturing the attention of collectors and enthusiasts alike: the most expensive Tech Decks. These aren’t just any miniature skateboards; they are the crème de la crème of the craft, blending intricate design with unparalleled performance. As the demand for these premium pieces surges, many are left wondering: what drives their hefty price tags, and what makes them the ultimate collector’s item? Dive in as we unravel the allure of the most expensive Tech Decks, but be warned—by the end, you might just be itching to get your hands on one!

5. Tech Deck Performance Series (Wood Board) Blind – $52

TECH DECK Performance Series Wood Board

Among the pantheon of elite fingerboards, the TECH DECK Performance Series (Wood Board) Blind stands out, bearing a price tag of $52. While this might seem a tad premium for a miniature skateboard, a closer look at its exceptional features justifies its position as one of the priciest tech decks available.

What sets the Tech Deck Performance Series apart is its unwavering commitment to authenticity. Every inch, from nose to tail, is meticulously designed to emulate the feel of a real skateboard. Made from real wood, this board offers enhanced pop, enabling users to perform bigger, more audacious tricks. It proudly sports graphics from renowned skate brands, including Toy Machine, Flip, and Element. Beyond the aesthetics, its functional features like foam grip tape elevate fingerboarding control, allowing users to truly emulate professional skateboarders. The soft, grippy wheels and rubber bushings further enhance this experience, ensuring tighter turns and more precise maneuvers.

Investing in the Tech Deck Performance Series isn’t just about acquiring a pricier tech deck. It’s a commitment to premium craftsmanship, authentic design, and the pursuit of fingerboarding excellence. For those aged 6 and up who are passionate about skating, this fingerboard offers an unmatched experience, bridging the gap between the miniature world of fingerboarding and the adrenaline-filled universe of real skateboarding.

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4. Tech Deck Finger Skate Display Wheel – $55

Tech Deck Finger Skate Display Wheel

Among the most expensive offerings in the fingerboard world is the Tech Deck Finger Skate Display Wheel. At $55, it represents one of the more premium choices for enthusiasts, blending both form and function in a compact package.

What justifies its higher price point in the realm of tech decks? As a member of the renowned Tech Deck Performance Series, it’s meticulously crafted, boasting a size of 4.0 inches (101 mm) that’s perfect for enthusiasts to maneuver. But its standout feature is undoubtedly the inventive wheel-like display case. This isn’t just a case; it’s a storage masterpiece. Capable of safely housing up to 24 x 96 mm decks, it thoughtfully presents 12 of them through a unique shop window display, turning what could be simple storage into an attractive showcase.

With the package also containing a complete 96 mm board, it ensures enthusiasts are well-equipped for their fingerboarding adventures. Opting for the Tech Deck – Finger Skate – Display Wheel isn’t merely about splurging on a pricier tech deck. It’s about appreciating a harmonious blend of performance and innovative design, making it a worthy addition to any serious collector’s repertoire.

3. Tech Deck Ultimate Half-Pipe – $65

Tech Deck Ultimate Half Pipe

For anyone who’s ever been intrigued by the world of fingerboard, the Tech Deck Ultimate Half-Pipe Ramp Set stands out as a paramount piece in any collection. With an impressive length of over 20”, this isn’t just any regular fingerboard ramp—it mirrors the authenticity and details of a real skatepark, giving enthusiasts a genuine experience. Its expansive length offers ample space to execute tricks like big airs, 50-50 grinds, and more. A standout feature of this ramp is its customizability. The included graffiti-style stickers allow users to tailor their half-pipe, emanating a true skatepark ambiance for those intense fingerboard sessions.

What justifies its price tag of $65? Beyond its size and authentic detailing, it’s the exclusive Paul Rodriguez pro model fingerboard from Primitive Skateboards that steals the show. This isn’t a board you can find anywhere else, making this set not only a playground for fingerboard tricks but also a collectible item. The inclusion of this signature board elevates the entire set, allowing users to perfect their moves and techniques with a professional touch.

For those considering adding this to their collection or gifting it to an enthusiast, it’s more than just a toy. It’s an investment into a hobby, a tool for honing skills, and a representation of real skate graphics from renowned skate companies. Whether you’re buying for a girl aged 6-8 who is seeking a refreshing alternative to conventional toys or for a boy of the same age bracket as a substitute for toy cars, the Tech Deck Ultimate Half-Pipe is a prized possession. Remember, with Tech Deck, you’re not just starting small; you’re paving the path to go big in the world of fingerboarding.

2. Tech Deck’s Zero Pro Series – $70

Tech Decks Zero Pro Series

When you’re on the hunt for the absolute best in the world of fingerboards, the Tech Deck Zero Pro Series Finger Board stands tall. Priced at $70, this Pro Series fingerboard demands a higher investment than most, and for all the right reasons. It’s meticulously crafted for the pros, blending the realism of authentic skateboarding with the compactness suitable for fingertips. Every element, from the real 5-plywood deck to the polished metal trucks, is designed to mirror the genuine skateboarding experience.

The significance of this particular Tech Deck goes beyond its stellar construction. Its genuine skateboard graphics, sourced from the biggest brands in the skateboarding industry, make it the best in terms of authenticity. But what truly sets it apart is the dual durometer wheels fitted with real bearings. This feature ensures fluid transitions, making flips, tricks, and other maneuvers all the more seamless. The inclusion of a die-cast metal skate tool emphasizes the board’s premium positioning, allowing users to adjust and customize for optimal performance.

However, the experience doesn’t stop at the board alone. With the Zero Pro Series, showcasing becomes as essential as practicing. The wooden storage display acts as a two-fold accessory, doubling as a grind box for those who want to perfect next-level tricks. For those eager to further elevate their game, integrating the Pro Series board with the Daily Grind Pack and other Tech Deck fingerboard obstacles, like the X-Connect series, opens doors to unparalleled fingerboarding prowess. In essence, for those willing to invest in the best, the Tech Deck Zero Pro Series is more than a purchase—it’s an entry ticket to the elite circle of professional fingerboarding.

1. Tech Deck Tony Hawk Vert Ramp – $100

Tech Deck Tony Hawk Vert Ramp

The most expensive tech deck on the market today is the Tech Deck Tony Hawk Vert Ramp, inspired and designed by the legendary pro skater, Tony Hawk. Retailing at a hefty $100, this isn’t just a miniature playground for enthusiasts—it’s an emblem of skateboarding legacy.

What makes this tech deck ramp command such a high price tag? First and foremost, it’s the authenticity and flexibility it brings to the table. All Tony Hawk accessories are designed to interconnect seamlessly, allowing aficionados to design and craft their personalized skate or bike park. These aren’t just mere replicas; they are built for durability, ensuring that every ollie, kickflip, and nosegrind executed doesn’t wear it down. Real metal rails and real grip tape combine with authentic kick-butt graphics, mirroring those found on life-size skateboards. This is not merely a toy but a testament to the craftsmanship and detail synonymous with the Tony Hawk brand.

Beyond its evident quality and connection to a skateboarding icon, the ramp’s compatibility with all Tech Deck Skate Parks makes it a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts. And while launching a 360 off your dog’s head might seem like a humorous exaggeration, it underscores the fun and versatility this tech deck ramp offers. For those seeking the pinnacle of fingerboarding experiences, this Tony Hawk inspired ramp is not just an expensive purchase—it’s an investment in unparalleled authenticity and endless fun.

Why Investing in Expensive Tech Decks Pays Off

When it comes to Tech Decks, the adage “you get what you pay for” truly shines. The pricier Tech Decks, often tagged as ‘expensive,’ are the epitome of meticulous craftsmanship and design precision. Unlike their more affordable counterparts, these premium fingerboards are constructed using superior materials, ensuring longevity and an unparalleled fingerboarding experience. Real wood boards offer better pop for tricks, authentic graphics from top skate brands elevate the visual appeal, and features like foam grip tapes enhance control and mimic the real skateboarding feel. Investing in an expensive Tech Deck is not just about owning a toy; it’s about indulging in a piece of art that offers both performance and aesthetics, making every penny spent a worthy investment for enthusiasts and collectors alike.


Do people collect tech decks?

Absolutely! Tech Decks have grown beyond being mere toys and have found a passionate community of collectors. These enthusiasts often hunt for rare designs, limited editions, and premium models, cherishing them not only for their play value but also as collectible items. With a wide range of graphics from renowned skate brands, each Tech Deck can represent a unique piece of skateboarding history or art, making them highly sought after by both young enthusiasts and older collectors.

What age are tech decks for?

While Tech Decks are typically marketed towards children aged 6 and up, their appeal spans a much broader age range. Young kids enjoy them for their play value, while teenagers and adults, especially those with an interest in skateboarding, appreciate them for their authenticity, design, and the skill required for fingerboarding. It’s not uncommon to find adults collecting or even performing intricate tricks with Tech Decks, making them truly versatile toys that cater to all age groups.

Is Tech Deck discontinued?

No, Tech Deck has not been discontinued. In fact, the brand continues to thrive, releasing new designs and products regularly. Over the years, Tech Deck has expanded its range, introducing various series, accessories, and even collaborating with renowned skateboarding brands. Their sustained popularity and continued presence on store shelves are a testament to their enduring appeal in the world of toys and collectibles.

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