The 9 Most Expensive Birkin Bags in The World

Welcome to a world where opulence meets craftsmanship – the world of the most expensive Birkin bags. These are not just handbags; they are pieces of art, status symbols, and investment assets. Made from the finest materials, crafted meticulously by skilled artisans, and adored by celebrities and the ultra-wealthy, Birkin bags are the epitome of luxury. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of the priciest Birkins ever made and sold. If you thought these prices were jaw-dropping, wait until you explore the realm of the most expensive bags in the world. So, sit back and join us on this exquisite journey, as we unravel the allure and splendor of the creme de la creme of Hermès – the Birkin.

The Most Expensive Birkin Bags

9. Bleu Marine Diamond Birkin – $115,000

Bleu Marine Diamond Birkin

This exclusive navy blue Birkin bag, made of Porosus crocodile leather with a shiny finish, oozes luxury. Encrusted with white diamonds on its 18-karat white gold hardware, it has a total diamond weight of 10.7 carats set in 171.23 grams of white gold. With dimensions of 35 cm in width, 25 cm in height, and 18 cm in depth, it includes a lock, keys, clochette, a small leather pouch, small box, small dustbags, rain protector, dustbag and box.

In 2019, Christie’s in London sold this bag for £115,000 (approximately $149,000 USD at the time). It was part of the Handbags & Accessories auction that featured rare and iconic bags from renowned luxury brands like Hermès, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton.

8. The Metallic Birkin – $126,000

The Metallic Birkin
By Sotheby

This is a limited edition Birkin bag, released by Hermès in 2005. The Metallic Birkin, available in both silver and bronze versions, features a unique metallic pigmentation achieved by Hermès artisans who meticulously add dye to the leather, thereby changing its texture. The bag measures 25 cm across the base, giving it a compact and elegant look. Depending on the variant, the bag is accentuated with palladium or gold hardware, inspired by the window displays designed by Leïla Menchari for the Hermès Rue de Faubourg Saint-Honoré storefront.

This silver Metallic Birkin bag was sold at a Sotheby’s New York handbag auction in 2021 for $126,000. It broke the record for the most expensive leather Birkin bag sold on the secondary market, once again testifying to the enduring appeal of the expensive Birkin bag.

7. Ombré Birkin – $137,500

This is an incredibly rare Birkin bag made from the skin of the Varanus Salvator lizard, featuring an enchanting ombré effect that transitions from dark brown to beige. The bag is adorned with palladium hardware and comes with a lock and clochette also covered in lizard skin. Measuring 25 cm in width, 18 cm in height, and 13 cm in depth, the bag includes an 18-karat white gold lock and keys, clochette, three small dustbags, diamond paperwork, a small box with a dustbag for the lock, a felt protector, care booklet, rain protector, dustbag, ribbon, and presentation box.

Sold in 2020, the Ombré Birkin fetched an impressive $137,500 USD at a Sotheby’s auction in New York. This auction, titled Handbags & Accessories Online, featured a unique selection of rare and exceptional bags from Hermès.

6. Fuchsia Birkin – $222,000

This Fuchsia Birkin, radiating a vibrant pink, is crafted from shiny Porosus crocodile leather. Adorned with 18-karat white gold hardware studded with white diamonds, it has a total diamond weight of 10.08 carats set in 174.4 grams of white gold. The bag’s dimensions are 30 cm in width, 22 cm in height, and 16 cm in depth, and it includes a lock, keys, clochette, small leather pouch, small box, small dustbags, rain protector, dustbag, and box.

The Fuchsia Birkin was sold for HK$1.72 million (approximately $222,000 USD at the time) at Christie’s in Hong Kong in 2015. It was part of a Handbags & Accessories auction that showcased rare and iconic bags from Hermès and other distinguished brands.

5. Diamond Crocodile Birkins – $190,000 to $260,000

The Diamond Crocodile Birkins series includes a variety of Birkin bags, all made from Porosus crocodile leather in diverse colors and finishes. With 18-karat white gold hardware studded with white diamonds, the total diamond weight varies from 8 to 10 carats, depending on the size of the bag. These bags, equipped with a lock, keys, clochette, small leather pouch, small box, small dustbags, rain protector, dustbag, and box, come in widths of 25, 30, 35, or 40 cm.

These bags are priced from $190,000 to $260,000. Due to their varied attributes and rarity, the prices can vary significantly, making every Diamond Crocodile Birkin an exceptional investment.

4. Sac Birkin Faubourg – $240,000

This special edition Birkin, the Sac Birkin Faubourg, was crafted to commemorate the opening of the Hermès flagship store in Paris in 2019. Made of calfskin leather, this bag showcases a multi-colored patchwork design, inspired by the store’s facade, and is fitted with palladium hardware and four clou feet. Measuring 20 cm in width, 16 cm in height, and 13 cm in depth, it comes with a lock, keys, an Hermès shopping bag-shaped clochette in orange swift leather, three small dustbags for the lock and clochette, a felt protector, care booklet, rain protector, dustbag, ribbon, and presentation box.

Only 20 of these exclusive bags were ever made, and each was priced at $240,000. It is indeed a unique, expensive Birkin bag that reflects Hermès’s dedication to excellence and exclusivity.

3. Diamond Himalaya Birkin – $450,000

Diamond Himalaya Birkin

The Diamond Himalaya Birkin is far from ordinary, holding the title of the most expensive handbag ever sold at auction. Crafted from the luxurious Niloticus crocodile leather and imbued with a white and grey gradient, the bag is a stunning nod to the beauty of the Himalaya mountains. It comes to life with 18-karat white gold hardware and a grand total of 8.2 carats of white diamonds, strategically placed in three key structural elements: the touret, the pontets, and the plaques de sanglons.

But its real claim to fame came in 2022 when it sold for a jaw-dropping $450,000 USD at Sotheby’s in New York, as part of The Visionary Collection of Joseph Lau—a collection renowned for its exceptional Hermès bags. This sale has forever cemented its elite status, ensuring its place in history and in the annals of high fashion.

2. Ginza Tanaka Birkin Bag – $1.4 million

This remarkable Birkin bag was custom-made by Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka, known for his exquisite and intricate jewelry designs. Crafted from platinum, the bag is studded with 2,000 diamonds and flaunts an 8-carat pear-shaped diamond that can be detached and worn as a brooch. Its strap, embellished with diamonds, can be removed from the purse and used as a bracelet or necklace. The bag measures 30 cm in width, 22 cm in height, and 16 cm in depth.

The Birkin bag by Ginza Tanaka is valued between $1.4 million to $1.9 million USD, and it made its debut in 2008 at a fashion show in Tokyo, modeled by actress Rinko Kikuchi. Since then, it has been displayed in various locations worldwide, including Dubai, London, and Hong Kong. The current owner of this bag, if sold, remains undisclosed. Designer Ginza Tanaka is celebrated for his innovative use of precious metals and gems, as well as his artistic and futuristic designs. His collaborations with other luxury brands like Harry Winston and Mikimoto speak volumes about his prominence in the industry.

1. Sac Bijou Birkin – $2 million

Sac Bijou Birkin
By Sotheby

The most expensive Birkin bag in the world is the Sac Bijou Birkin, a masterpiece blending luxury and art with a price tag of around $2 million. This miniaturized Birkin, reimagined as a bracelet, is part of Hermès’ Haute Bijouterie Collection and is the brainchild of Pierre Hardy, the brand’s creative director of fine jewelry. It stands out with its 2,712 diamonds, meticulously crafted from rose gold, and is as much a piece of fine jewelry as it is a symbol of opulent fashion.

Unveiled in 2012 in Paris to an exclusive audience of high-profile clientele and celebrities, the Sac Bijou Birkin immediately set a new standard for luxury bags. The 2019 edition, adorned with black garnets and spinels, offers a sharp, contemporary contrast to the original, maintaining the allure that only items of such scarcity can command. With just three editions of each variant, this bag isn’t just an accessory, it’s a collectible that epitomizes exclusivity.

Understanding What Makes a Birkin Bag Expensive

A large part of the high price point of Birkin bags can be attributed to their rarity and exclusivity. Hermès intentionally keeps production numbers low, making each bag a coveted piece of luxury. There’s often a waiting list for a Birkin, with no guarantees on when you might receive one. Additionally, special edition bags or those made from rare materials are even more scarce, thereby driving up their prices. This exclusivity is one of the key reasons why Birkin bags are so expensive.

The materials used in crafting a Birkin bag also contribute significantly to its cost. The brand uses only the finest and rarest materials, including crocodile leather, ostrich skin, precious metals, and even diamonds. The quality and rarity of these materials add to the price of the bag, ensuring each piece is truly exceptional.

Birkin bags are the epitome of meticulous artistry and craftsmanship. Each bag is handcrafted by skilled artisans who may spend up to 48 hours on a single bag. This level of detail, precision, and dedication to craftsmanship justifies the high price tag that comes with owning a Birkin.

Why People Are Willing to Pay So Much for Birkin Bags

Birkin bags are not just fashion accessories but are seen as an investment. Over the years, the value of Birkin bags has consistently appreciated, even outperforming traditional investments like gold and the stock market. This makes them a unique and attractive asset for savvy investors.

Owning a Birkin bag is a status symbol, reflecting wealth, taste, and exclusivity. The bags are often associated with celebrities, socialites, and the ultra-rich, further enhancing their allure and desirability.

The rarity and exclusivity of Birkin bags cannot be overstated. The limited availability, coupled with the difficulty of acquiring one, enhances their desirability. For many, owning a Birkin is a testament to their patience, determination, and affluence.


From the Fuchsia Birkin sold for $222,000 to the Sac Bijou Birkin priced at a staggering $2 million, these bags epitomize luxury and opulence. Notably, the Diamond Himalaya Birkin holds the record for the most expensive handbag ever sold at auction, commanding a price of $450,000.

Birkin bags, with their blend of craftsmanship, rarity, and superior materials, continue to maintain their allure and appeal. Despite their high prices, the demand for these bags remains high. This enduring appeal, coupled with their investment potential, ensures that Birkin bags will remain the pinnacle of luxury handbags for the foreseeable future.


What is the most expensive Birkin bag in the world?

The Sac Bijou Birkin holds the title for being the most expensive Birkin bag available. This extraordinary bag, priced at approximately $2 million, is essentially a piece of jewelry, made entirely of rose gold and studded with 2,712 diamonds. On the other hand, the most expensive Birkin bag ever sold is the Diamond Himalaya Birkin, which was auctioned for $450,000. This ultra-luxe bag is made from Niloticus crocodile leather and is adorned with more than 240 diamonds on its 18-karat-gold hardware.

How much is Kylie Jenner’s Birkin bag?

Kylie Jenner, a known collector of Birkin bags, owns several high-value pieces. She owns an impressive assortment of at least 10 Birkins, with prices ranging between $11,000 to an eye-watering $345,000 each. These prices fluctuate depending on the specific materials and hardware used in the bags’ creation. Jenner’s collection flaunts an array of exotic skin bags, including those made from crocodile and lizard, and spans a spectrum of vibrant colors like pink and orange. Estimations value her entire Birkin collection at approximately $170,000 or more. Furthermore, Jenner is also the proud owner of a unique pair of sandals known as “Birkinstocks,” valued at $76,000, which are intriguingly crafted from repurposed Birkin bags.

How much is Kim Kardashian’s Birkin bag?

KKim Kardashian, another household name, owns a broad Birkin bag collection that exceeds even Kylie Jenner’s. Kardashian possesses at least 20 Birkins, with their worth ranging from $10,000 to an incredible $200,000 each. Again, these prices vary due to the materials and hardware utilized in each bag’s construction. Kardashian’s collection is notable for its rare and custom-made pieces, such as a black crocodile bag uniquely painted by her daughter North West, a white bag adorned with artwork by George Condo, and a striking neon green bag gifted by her husband, Kanye West. Her Birkin collection’s estimated worth is around $500,000 or more. Moreover, Kardashian boasts ownership of a diamond-encrusted Birkin bag valued at over $1 million.

Does Kim Kardashian have a Birkin?

Yes, Kim Kardashian is a dedicated enthusiast of Birkin bags. As stated previously, she has a diverse collection of Birkins, each with its own unique flair. She enjoys customizing her bags with personalized touches, such as paintings, stickers, or charms, enhancing their exclusivity. Kardashian fondly recalls purchasing her first Birkin bag after being inspired by its appearance on the popular TV show “Sex and the City,” and she considers it one of her best investments.

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